Lisa Rinna—-Dancing Queen

Okay, she wasn’t the first pick to replace new mom Samantha Harris on “Dancing with the Stars,” but now we may know why.

Lisa Rinna is no longer competing for the mirrored disco ball trophy, but she’s still quick stepping with professional dance partner Louis Van Amstel. The actress has parlayed her “Dancing with the Stars” fame into a new gig that involves shaking and shimming with Average Joes. Rinna and Van Amstel have joined forces yet again on a venture that allows you to samba with the plump-lipped actress for $20.

Oh, it’s no joke. Rinna made the announcement herself at a charity event last week.

“Louis and I have started our own dance class called ‘Cardio Ballroom,’” the “Dancing with the Stars” alum told reporters.

“So you don’t need a partner and it’s basically doing like the Cha Cha, The Salsa, Jive and Disco, those are the dances we’re working on for a full hour head-to-toe cardio,” Rinna said. “That’s all I’ve been doing I think just since we’ve started I’ve lost 5 lbs!”

Rinna says she and Van Amstel originally wanted to open a new dance studio, but unexpected roadblocks have put the project on hold. The pair is currently navigating through the red tape, but in the meantime they came up with the idea to start their own dance class.

According to Rinna, the class kicks off today at a dance studio in Los Angeles. The hour-long classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. (Personally, the last thing I’m thinking about at 10 p.m. is exercising, but I guess that’s life in L.A.) The fee is $20 per class and Rinna promises to be at every class. Whether she plans to personally assist individual class members is something she didn’t address. Though, she did add that right now the class is mainly comprised of moms who have secretly wanted to learn how to move like the women on “Dancing with the Stars.”

If you lived in L.A. would you sign up for Rinna’s class?

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