List of Financial Goals

As I was writing yesterday’s blog entry on setting your financial priorities, I started thinking about all the different financial goals we might have. I thought it would be helpful to list some, and invite my readers to add any more in the comments. Having a list to work from may also help you narrow down which of these apply most to you.

Common Financial Goals:

1. Buy a house.

2. Save for retirement.

3. Retire early.

4. Quit work to stay at home with kids.

5. Take an extensive vacation – around the world, to Europe, etc.

6. Pay for children’s private school.

7. Save for kids’ college education.

8. Buy a car.

9. Buy a boat or motor home.

10. Start a business.

11. Pay off debt.

12. Purchase a second home.

13. Invest in rental properties.

14. Go back to school/finish a degree.

15. Change jobs.

16. Move to a more desirable location.

17. Self-publish a book.

18. Start up a new expensive hobby – like photography or scuba diving.

19. Have a pet.

20. Remodel your home.

21. Buy a new computer or other home electronic.

22. Accumulate an emergency fund.

23. Have some extra to play the stock market.

24. Start a family.

25. Pay for in-vitro or other fertility help.

26. Plastic surgery

27. Enroll in a medical insurance plan.

28. Afford life insurance.

29. Build up an estate for inheritance.

30. Care for aging family member.

31. Donate money for charity or non-profit.

32. Start a community organization or center.

33. Help a friend or family member get on their feet.

34. Pay off medical expenses.

35. Help your church or religious organization.

Wow… what a list. What are your goals? Did I miss a few? Use this list to help spur your own dreams and ideas. Narrow them down to a manageable number and sort them into short and long-term goals. Then sit down as a family and discuss.

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