Listen to the Music

What purpose does music and singing serve in church? To some people it may seem a pointless exercise. I mean how many other places do people gather together and sing? At a football game when passions are aroused or possibly at a karaoke night if that is your thing. So it’s not common for people to get together and sing these days, so why do it at church?

Some people think it’s to set the mood. But music does more than that. When it is done properly music can set the whole tone of the service, it can reinforce the salient points of the sermon and cause people to think about what is said. The best thing is that songs and music have the power to stay in the memory. Sometimes after singing a song at church, it stays in my head for the whole week. That’s good. While words of praise to God are in my head there’s a lot less room for other unimportant things.

In one song last week the words asked God to ‘refresh my heart’ and ‘fill me up”. That really is a prayer and is one of the songs that has been running around in my head his week. Another reminded us that our hope is built on nothing else ‘but Jesus’ blood and righteousness.’ It’s a reminder that we can’t do anything. It is all what Jesus has done for us. These are important truths we need to remember. Important truths that backed up points of the sermon, which is after all what music in a service is designed to do. It’s not there just to fill up the time or stir emotions.

So next time you are in church don’t just mouth the words or sing automatically but take note of what the words are saying. Meditate on them and let them sink deep into your heart and soul.

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