Literacy and it’s Purpose in the LDS Family

My name is Candace Salima, and I am an author in the LDS market. I live in a mid-sized community and am married to my college sweetheart. I spend my time writing, cheering BYU on during their football games, going to movies, concerts and plays and enjoying the companionship of my marvelous husband.

Some time ago I found a burning desire to begin promoting literacy within the LDS community. Our lives are so busy now with video games, television, movies, music, sports; and so on that reading has become something which has fallen by the wayside.

I began to ponder as to the effect of literary decline in the LDS family. First, it occurred to me that genealogy would take a massive hit if literacy continues to take a back seat. If one cannot read or write, then one cannot search for one’s ancestors. Since we have been distinctly told by our prophets that the temple work for our ancestors is directly tied to our salvation, it would seem to be a very critical point. Second, we are to study, learn and continually seek after the things of heaven. This cannot be done if one cannot read, or comprehend what is being read. We literally limit our eternal salvation by our inability to read or unwillingness to read. Third, when the imaginations of children are curtailed to the four walls of a school room, family room or bedroom then the future of that child is distinctly limited.

A child who reads is one who is taken to flights of fancy. Their imaginations fly them across the world to the distant sands of the Sahara, or the cool, dark vast expanse of space, or maybe the intricacies of the Amazon jungle and all the wonders and dangers that it holds.

Children who read become adults who read and become involved in their communities and nation.
Children who read become adults who read and do charitable works.
Children, who read, become adults who change the world.

So I would like to ask each of you – what stops you from reading?