Little Touches Make The Difference

When it comes to vegetables, carrots are another huge favorite. When I was pregnant I ate so many carrots I felt like Bugs Bunny. Carrots are good for your eyesight because they contain so much beta carotene which translates into Vitamin A. My children and I should never have anything wrong with our eyesight. It was certainly a better craving than many others I’ve heard of and less fattening than the other craving of custard tarts, which I also had. This was all before my gluten free diagnosis.

Perhaps though, you are bored with just steamed carrots. A good suggestion to make it that little bit different is when they are cooked, add a little bit of honey and either some pine nuts or slivered almonds. An alternative idea which I use, as I am allergic to honey, is to boil the carrots in orange juice instead of water for a short time. If you are steaming the carrots this is not an option. In this case add a little orange juice and pine nuts or slivered almonds before serving and mix through well.

Grated raw carrot is another option .Interestingly grated carrot tastes sweeter than raw carrot that is not grated. I always include grated carrot on my salad plate. You could also make carrot cakes, but it’s not something you’d find in my house. Though I love carrots I can’t stand carrot cake.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, like adding sherry to fresh fruit salad when making it. I’m not a fan of sherry normally but I use it in cooking and when making a fruit salad. It blends well with the fruit juices, especially if you are using berries. The sweetness of sherry combines well with the tartness of the berries. If you live near a berry farm, you can often get blueberries, youngberries and other kinds of berries instead of the usual raspberries and strawberries. Boysenberries are my favorite.

If you can’t get fresh berries, don’t forget you can always include frozen berries in fruit salad. Just defrost them on a baking tray first. Dried cranberries also go well.

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