Living Our Dream Life

Today, our daughter played her violin with the praise orchestra at a large church. She is a professional violinist and this church hires her when they need her. My daughter knew at a very early age that playing the violin would be a major part of her life. She is living out her dream.

At about age sixteen, she cleared her schedule so she could start practicing long hours. She majored in violin performance in college and graduated with high honors. She performs at various places in Houston and traveled, before she was married, with a contemporary Christian band.

She also shares our interest in children which has resulted in her teaching children to play. I can’t tell you how many students she has, but I think that she has as many students as she wants. One of her students is our son Tommy. He is doing very well and showing a lot of potential.

We have adopted five boys and we have three grown children. This time around it is going to be much easier for us to allow our children to discover and live out their dreams.

I have a friend who played professional football. He was a successful enough player that when I met him, I recognized his name. Like many young men, I grew up idolizing pro football players. My friend’s father had excelled in another sport in which he had been a state amateur champion. My friend confided in me that even when he was playing on national television on Sunday afternoons, his father was still disappointed that he was not playing his father’s sport.

I remembered my friend’s story when my daughter told me that she wanted to major in music. My experience told me that I should let her pursue her dream.

I am going to be very open with our five adopted boys in letting them fulfill their dreams. I have no idea what talents or predispositions their ancestors may have had. It will actually be easier for me with them because I will not have any unrealistic expectations.

Tommy’s life may center on his violin, it may not. Jacob, our resident genius, may or may not do something with his life that involves his great intellect. Whether he is a scientist or a manual laborer, I will support him all the way.

I am at a bit of a disadvantage in some ways raising little boys when I qualify as a “senior citizen”. I do have some advantages though because I have experienced many of life’s lessons. At sixty years old, I am finally living my dream.

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