Living Too Close to Your Parents or In Laws

Deciding where you will live after you are married is a big decision. In a previous article, I discussed some of the hardships that can come from living with your parents or in-laws. However, living too close to your parents or in-laws can also be a problem.

Whether or not you should move in next door to your parents or your spouse’s parents, depends a lot on the type of parents that each of you have. As Debra found out in Everybody Loves Raymond, living too close may not always be the best idea. She constantly has her in-laws checking in on her and her children.

I know many couples that live near their family. They have built a house on the family land or bought a home on the same street as the one that their parents live on.

There is nothing wrong with living close to your parents or to your in-laws. There actually can be some perks. My husband and I live close to my mother. Babysitting and special favors are very convenient when you have someone close by.

However, in some cases, closer locations mean more involvement. Your parents or in-laws are more likely to drop by unannounced. They are more likely to take notice to when you are at home and when you are not. They are more likely to know when you have company and who visits and when your lights go off at night. If these things are not a problem for you, then you will likely not have trouble living close to your family or his.

However, if you are more of a private person, you may want to choose a safe distance. Living close enough for visits is nice. Living close enough to see in each other’s windows can be too much.

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