Lonely Wives

Wives can be lonely for many reasons. Their marriage partner may be deployed or they may travel a great deal. It could also be that your partner has a very active social life with many friends and such. Some wives may not feel comfortable doing the same things as their husbands such as in rock climbing or other sports. If you are a lonely wife, there are ways to help you overcome the loneliness by enriching your own life – this can be good for you and your partner.

  • Develop Your Own Social Life – Your husband cannot fulfill every need you have and that women do need other women – so look into women’s group or volunteer work with other women that can help you expand your circle of friends
  • Weekend Retreats – If your loneliness is pervasive, take a weekend away with a friend, a sister or just by yourself. Enjoy a weekend of relaxing and examine your feelings about your relationship – with you being the one away, do you miss your spouse? Are you anxious to get back to him? How do you feel when you do get home? Sometimes it takes being the one who is gone, albeit for a brief period of time to realize that you really do miss your husband
  • Express Your Feelings to Your Spouse – Increase your level of contact with your spouse, especially if they are away, frequent emails and phone conversations can help you both increase your levels of intimacy, even when they are away and can help abate the sense of loneliness you are both feeling
  • Schedule Your Dates – Date nights are vital to couples who have limited amounts of togetherness time – make sure you both get opportunities to pick the entertainment and the time – this allows you both time to jazz up your relationship
  • Develop Your Own Private Life – Some women feel intensely lonely because they don’t know what to do with themselves by themselves – study some hobbies and learn to develop your life outside of the people you are devoted to – this benefits both you and your family
  • Talk about Your Separate Interests – If you and your spouse enjoy separate interests, develop ways to talk about it with each other – take joy in what they enjoy and share your joy in what you enjoy – too often couples don’t talk about their uncommon interests and this can lead to deepening loneliness and make one partner or the other feel unappreciated or abandoned

Loneliness is not a fun way to feel – for anyone – whether it is a husband or a wife. It can be hard for us to experience these feelings, especially when we believe marriage is about never being lonely again. But there are ways to overcome our feelings of loneliness – we have to reach inside and outside ourselves to do it. Your spouse can’t fix your feelings for you – so you have to be proactive to discover what it is that will help you overcome your own loneliness.

How do you cope when you feel lonely?

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