Looking for Embellishments

Most scrapbookers feel that no scrapbooking layout is complete without a few embellishments. Whatever those embellishments happen to be is a personal choice, and one to be made as the page is either coming together or planned for. Sometimes scrapbookers are drawn to certain types of embellishments and they appear over and over again on their layouts. This is actually quite common. We have a style and we stick to it.

So where do we find something new or different for our pages? You can browse the many aisles of the scrapbook store and with some exception, there is almost always something that might be new to you. However, I recommend looking just a bit deeper than that.

Recently I have been playing around with odds and ends and trying out new embellishments. With a pair of wire cutters, I have removed the backs of old discarded earrings and used them as a center on my prima flowers, I have removed pieces of a necklace and used them as charms, I have even used the necklace chain itself to connect elements or simply as a decoration.

I discovered the body art tattoos at the local jewelry store and bought a couple of packs on sale. They make really cool embellishments for your layout and they are similar to what other scrapbookers are doing, only they are already in designs for you.

I have been painting or altering the plastic bread ties (that look like little tags) and making them into scrapbooking embellishments. I have played around with milk lids, the plastic rings, and all sorts of other items to make something new for my layouts.

I love trying to find new things to embellish my layouts with, and if I can get them for less than the standard scrapbooking embellishments, than that’s all the better. So what fun things do you use to embellish your scrapbook layouts?

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