Looking for My Waist: Breaking 2 scales in 3 months


No kidding. I tripped over my bathroom scale and broke it. You might remember that I broke my fancy digital scale back in late January. Therefore, I do not know if my weight is up or down. I think I may leave it that way. I did, however find my measuring tape.

I have not measured myself yet, but I am pretty sure the news is bad. (Ok, put on your excuse blinders now) My in-laws were here for two weeks, then my dad for a week and now my in-laws are back and purchasing a house nearby. Needless to say, temptation is at every turn.

I am not sure the increased measurements (which I can tell by squeezing into my clothes) are all from eating. I feel like my hormones are completely off kilter. My ovarian cysts feel huge (the only sign I have of a cycle since having partial hysterectomy), and I have been in a foul mood. My rings keep getting tight, as well as my shoes too, so I am sure there is some swelling involved.

Days like this make you say to yourself, I might as well eat that pie, I am bloated anyway. Remember however that bloating will go away tomorrow, but the pie-pounds may still be here next week. Do not fall into temptation and I will try to do the same.

I talked to my husband about joining a gym. There is one really close to my house, and I would actually go. I know because the only reason I quit my last gym was that I moved to a different state. I am too cheap to pay and not go. He thinks it is a good idea. Yes, I know I could be outside exercising, but my allergies and aversion to extreme heat would cause me to stay home and make more excuses.