Love Theme Handmade Card – Idea One

Even though Valentine’s Day has past, it would still be fun to surprise a loved one with a handmade card just to let them know how much you love them.

I put together a love themed card and want to share it with you. This is a simple enough design that you could enlist your children to help you put it together. They could even make enough to give out to several of their friends.

This was a quick and easy card to put together. The “Be Mine” Heart is actually a fuzzy iron-on! This is my favorite part of the card because it makes you want to reach out and touch the card.

Materials used:

Bazzill Light Pink Cardstock
SEI Twitterpatted Line Paper
Pink Fuzzy Fiber
SEI Fuzzy Iron-on
Brown Stamping Ink

1. Cut the light pink cardstock to desired card size. Ink the edges.

2. Cut a piece of the Twitterpated paper to fit along the bottom of the card.

3. Heat iron and iron on the “Be Mine” fuzzy iron-on. I used a dishtowel between the paper and the iron so that I didn’t scorch the paper. Let the iron-on cool completely before removing the backing.

4. Attach the pink fiber with glue dots. I torn mini glue dots in half so that there would not be any large pieces of adhesive that were uncovered.

This would be a very easy card to mass produce because there are not many steps and it is a simple card. If you were going to mass produce the card, you would probably want to replaced the fuzzy iron-on with a loved themed sticker since the iron-ons retail for $2.99 a sheet and there is only one “Be Mine” Heart on the page.

Enjoy giving the card to a loved one!

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