Lord of the Beans (2005)

moreThose rascally vegetables have done it again – pulled off a hysterical spoof of a blockbuster movie, “Lord of the Rings.” But in this version, there were powerful beans created, beans that would give the owners clothes, food, and power, and one bean with the power of them all. The fate of those first beans was pretty tragic – they got eaten. But the last bean ended up in the hands of a Flobbit named Billboy Baggypants, and then passed down to his nephew, Toto. Toto saw the effect the bean had on his uncle, how he used it and yet was never happy with what he had, and so when the bean is given to him, Toto decides that he wants to use the bean for its true purpose. Now he has to find out what that purpose is.

To set out on his mission, he takes with him some friends: Randolph, son of Mandolph, the mysterious and all-wise zucchini. Leg-o-Lamb and Ear-o-Corn, the elves. Together they form the Fellowship of the Bean. But they must be careful – Scaryman wants the bean for himself, and to assist him in this evil plan, he has forged Sporks, half-spoon/half-fork beasts who follow his every command. Toto must discover the secret behind the bean before the Sporks catch up to him and his brave band of friends.

The message of the movie is quite clear: we are given our talents as gifts, and when we discover what those talents are to be used for, they will bring us, and others, a lot more joy than if we hold onto them selfishly.

Our “Silly Song with Larry” for this episode is quite a hoot. Larry comes out dressed like an Elf, to sing a song in Elvis style. But when one of his pointed ears comes off, it’s quite plain that he’s just an Elfish impersonator.

Whether you’re a Tolkein fan or just passionate about cucumbers, you will love “The Lord of the Beans.”


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