Losing Weight Means Finding Out What Works For You

Have you heard the weight loss story of Roger Troy Wilson, the author of the book Let’s Do Lunch? He went from 425 pounds and a 60 inch waist to 195 pounds and a 36 inch waist after devising his own weight loss plan. He claims that he developed his weight loss regimen through trial and error. He makes four suggestions to help you get started.

1. Eat enough fruit each day to curb your cravings for sweets.

2. Lunch should be your main meal and it should be protein packed.

3. Succumb to cravings, if you must, but choose the least fattening option.

4. Substitute pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice for corn, beans, and peas.

He utilizes these steps in his sample, daily meal plan. He details a plan of action for each meal of the day, including snacks. Tips are set-up in question and answer format. He pays particular attention to cravings. You don’t have to give up fast food while you’re on his plan. He shares his technique for making the meals less fattening. He also provides a detailed, two week meal plan. You get a shopping list, too. There is a lot of information in this brief book.

I have tried his plan, but I didn’t stick with it. Keeping fresh fruit in the house became too pricey. I also had a hard time believing that I would lose weight. I was eating foods that I like and these were foods that were restricted on other diets. I enjoyed having smoothies for breakfast and the entire family ate pounds of frozen grapes. While following his plan, I felt like I had more energy. I don’t remember feeling bloated. The recipes were easy to follow and the ingredients were typical food items.

Wilson exposes his feelings about being overweight and shares how his weight affected his life. It took him fifteen years of trial and error, but he figured out what worked for his body. Now, he’s leaner, healthier, and happy with his weight.

Although it may be tempting to try new weight loss methods, please seek medical advice before starting any weight loss plan.