Loss Leader Groceries

Take a look at your most recent grocery ads, and you’ll clearly see those items that the grocery store is using to get you through the doors. These items are often on the front and back pages of the grocery ads. They are called loss leaders, and they literally are the bait used to get customers to their stores. Here are the things about grocery store loss leaders that I think you should know:

What are Loss Leaders?
Loss leaders get their name because they are products that are priced at or below the wholesale price. Items that are priced this low actually lose money for the grocery store. The store lures customers with loss leaders, and counts on customers buying other products while they are at the store.

How to Save the Most from Loss Leaders
The best way to save with loss leaders is to shop around. Use your grocery ads to find the cheapest products at two or three stores. Buy the remainder of your groceries at the store that has the cheapest overall prices, or maybe at a warehouse or discount foods store.

Stock Up
Stock up on essential items that are at outrageously low prices. I have often scolded myself for not buying enough of something when it was super cheap. On the other hand, I’ve never regretted taking full advantage of a great bargain. I have learned to take advantage of super-low loss leader items by buying enough for even as far as a few months ahead. If you are planning on stocking up, make sure to check the expiration dates on the products that you buy. Make sure that you can use everything you buy before that time. Another thing to note is that grocery stores sometimes limit the amount of loss leader products that you can buy. For a great deal, you may want to buy the limit and come back to the store for more later on.

Loss leaders can be a great advantage for a smart shopper. Play your cards right and they’ll save you lots.