Love Theme Handmade Card – Idea Two

Making and giving a card to a loved one is like giving a piece of yourself to them. It is something that they will hopefully treasure.

I would like to share a card I recently made for Valentine’s Day. It could be used year round to give as a fun surprise to your spouse or child.

The only materials that I used for this card came from the SEI Twitterpated Paper Assortment Kit. I used four of the patterned papers and one of the fuzzy iron-ons that came in the kit. Using kits is such a great way to guarantee color matching and perfect coordinating.

1. Cut the light blue piece of paper into a 5 by 12 inch strip. Fold in half to make card. (Finished dimensions are 5 by 6 inches.)

2. Use the red on red heart patterned paper and cut a 5 by 6 rectangle to cover the entire front of the card. Adhere to the front of the card.

3. Cut a strip of the “love you” paper 5 inches wide and high enough to include three lines of “love you.” Adhere to the bottom of the card.

4. Use the multi-colored hearts paper and cut a strip 5 inches by a half an inch. Attach just above the “love you” paper, making sure that the edges touch or slightly overlap.

5. Cut the “love” iron on from the sheet of iron-ons that came in the kit. Heat iron. With a dishtowel between the iron and the iron-on, apply heat to the iron-on for about one minute. Allow it to cool completely before peeling away the backing. Peel slowing while making sure that the entire iron-on has attached to the card. If some parts have not attached to the card, them reapply heat and then wait for it to cool.

Remember that the message you write inside will be more memorable that the front of the card, so make it special!

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