Love To Scrapbook? Get Paid For What You Love! (1)

Are you obsessed with scrapbooking? Do you often wonder if you could get paid for doing something you love so much? Not many people can find jobs that tailor so specifically to their hobbies, however with scrapbooking there are so many different avenues to take to get paid.

Here are several ideas to get you thinking about what you might like to do and the beginning of a great series of articles I will continue into next week.

Creating Albums

Creating albums for others is time consuming and challenging, but many people love it. And it’s a business where you never have to answer to anyone else except your clients. The best part of the whole job is that you get to be creative with new pictures and scrapbook things you might never had an opportunity to scrapbook. The worst part of the whole job is that you don’t get to keep the layouts, and there is a lot of work involved. It’s a great way to make money, and some scrapbookers I know have a second income coming in from it. Watch the scrapbooking blog for some how to pointers on creating albums for money.

Scrapbook Stores

Aside from the retail end of working in a scrapbook store, you could also teach classes. Every store is different in how they pay you. I’ve taught at several, and each one paid differently. One I was paid hourly just like the retail clerks. Another I was paid in wholesale products. And a third I was paid a percentage of the class fee that each person taking the class paid. You will need to find out how they pay. But don’t forget the ability to work the retail end too. You will be the first to get your hands on some really cool new products, and selling products you are excited about is really easy. Of course, you could open your own store too, but I seriously don’t recommend that you start there. Opening a store is a challenging thing and can cost oodles of money. Not to mention that most scrapbook stores these days seem to close within a couple of years of opening. No, not all – just many.

Please watch the scrapbooking blog for the second article in this series, Love To Scrapbook? Get Paid for What You Love (2) coming tomorrow. The article is filled with several more ideas to get you started in your business venture.

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