Love To Scrapbook? Get Paid For What You Love! (2)

Continuing this article series from yesterday, there are several more ideas for owning your own business dealing with scrapbooking. In fact, there are probably many avenues I have not even crossed in yesterday or today’s article. The sky is the limit, and if you use your creativity and business mind wisely, you can end up owning a quite lucrative business.

So, have you considered:

Teaching Classes

I know I mentioned this above, however understand that you don’t have to work for a scrapbook store to teach classes. You can become a freelance scrapbook instructor, print up business cards and market yourself to schools, community centers, churches and the like. The best part is, you set your price. Watch the scrapbooking blog this week for an article focusing on how to begin your career as a freelance scrapbook instructor.

Starting An Online Store

This is probably the most challenging of the different ways to make money doing what you love. Opening your own online store is a lot of work. First, you have to have somewhere in your home to store the inventory that you buy to sell. Second, you have to have some knowledge of web page building, etc. One of my dearest friends Caroline started her own online store called My-Memories. The business is steady and she’s had it for several years, but it’s not all she lives on. Seriously weigh your options when considering this direction. You don’t want to have to go broke trying to make money.

Joining A Scrapbooking Direct Sales Company

This is probably the most beneficial and easiest route to go if you are wanting to “own your own business”. Typically these companies do the advertising for you, so their name is out there. You are required of course to advertise your own name around your area. Many of these companies encourage home parties, etc. However, you can turn them more into classes and make better money that way. Most companies do not expect you to carry inventory, however they do have start up fee’s that typically include a starter kit complete with samples and everything to get you started. This is seriously the least expensive way to go, since any out of pocket costs will actually move you ahead in your career. This week I will be providing company profiles for each of the home based business opportunities within the scrapbooking realm.

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