Loving Ourselves

Too often as women in the church, we are too hard on ourselves. It is so easy to look at other women and see their happy little families. They may have a good front on to the rest of the world, but they may be struggling inside. The only result of comparison with others is a negative one. In most cases you are simply deciding who is better. This has a negative result for at least one party involved.

If you are feeling inadequate or stressed beyond your normal limit, than you should step back and reevaluate everything that you have taken on. You shouldn’t berate yourself, or feel that you have fallen short as a wife or a mother. In every life there is room for improvement, but you do not need to berate yourself because you have not yet achieved perfection.

As you see the sisters around you in Relief Society, you can see only one side of the picture. I am a very private person and few people ever know of the struggles that I am currently facing. I try to put on a happy face when I am around others. I do this for many reasons, but mainly because I really am a private person. I do not want everyone to know every problem that I have faced and dealt with in the past. I think it is important to realize that while someone may appear to have a wonderfully perfect life they too may face personal struggles or feel inadequate in some way.

One way that we can help each other as sisters is to build one another up. If there is a quality that you admire in someone be sure to tell her. If you notice a new dress, be sure to compliment her on it. As you do these things you will begin to feel more at peace with yourself. Reaching outward nearly always helps you to feel better about yourself.

As I write each week about things that you can do with your families that involve church activity, I worry that I may be making some people feel overwhelmed by ideas. My purpose in writing is to give suggestions, and to give you something new to think about. I know that each of you will know what is best for your families, and that you will find the proper balance for yourselves.