Low Cost Activities To Do With Kids (2)

Yesterday, I offered a few great ideas on fun activities for your family to do. I’d like to offer you a few more and elaborate on a few others. Please feel free to share your own ideas as well!

Your Local Community Center

Community centers typically offer a variety of different types of classes. They are usually pretty low priced, but most offer scholarships for families that are financially struggling. Check out your local community center for interesting classes on swimming, karate, art and more!

Plan a Movie Night

Rent a few movies (be sure and visit your library for free). Pop some pop corn (make it from scratch on the stove!) and maybe make some Kool-aid. Then everyone should get dressed in their pajama’s and snuggle up together for some fun family flicks! Do this once a week if possible, otherwise once a month is just as good!

Vacation Bible School

Don’t forget your local churches in the area. They often offer summer programs for children that are free or VERY low cost. It’s usually in the evening and for a couple of hours each night in a week. VBS is fun and not only brings your children closer to God but offers them an opportunity to make new friends and have fun in a camp like setting!

Don’t Forget Game Night

This goes under the same category as movie night. Crank up the stereo and pull out the games! Try to do this once a week and play a new game each week! You can find some game books at the library too and you can learn to play something new. You might even invite some friends over and have a game party! Be sure and offer plenty of snacks and laughs!


There’s always crafts. Keep supplies handy and whenever your children feel like being creative, they can! Also stock up on bubbles and sidewalk chalk. You’d be amazed at how long a child can spend drawing on a driveway! (just ask my five!)
Paper, scissors and markers or crayons are a must for the craft corner, but offer them some other neat items too. If you save your old magazines they can cut those apart and make scenery pictures and other unique crafts.

There are tons of other ideas for low-cost and fun things to do with your kids. From gardening to volunteering, you’re sure to find something to keep everyone busy. And hey, if all else fails – just add water. You’d be amazed at what fun a hose can be to a bunch of hot kids! Add a $5.00 sprinkler and you’ve got at least a couple of hours of fun! Have a great summer and watch for more great ideas to come your way!