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food Groceries are one of the biggest expenses in a typical family’s budget. You can easily spend $200 a week or more for a family of four. Finding ways to cut the grocery bill can make a big impact on your food bill.

The first thing to do of course is to cut out a lot of the processed foods. But once that is done, how can you create meals for your family that are nutritious and low cost? One way to do this to to take advantage of the knowledge of others and then apply it to your own family.

Here in the Frugal Living Blog, we have many low cost recipes and meal ideas. Read through them all and see what you can do to make low cost meals. You can get to the food category on the right, or just click here.

The U.S. government, through the Federal Citizen Information Center, also offers some low cost recipes and meal ideas. The recipes are simple enough for almost anyone to cook, and they should freeze well, too. For example, there is a baked meatballs recipe that would be inexpensive to make. You can take it one step more. Ground turkey is healthier and often cheaper than ground beef. To get to those recipes, click here: http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/food/rec-thrifty/recipes1.htm

There are plenty of other Internet resources out there that will help you find some great low cost meals. For example, Miserly Moms has a recipe section that even includes rice cakes. You can find that link here: http://www.miserlymoms.com/MOMfrecipes2.htm

Kick it old school at the library. Many older cookbooks offer low cost options, or pick up a copy of the Complete Tightwad Gazette. It features a few different low cost recipes.

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