Lunchbox Ideas Part One: Sprucing Up the Sandwich

If you eat out every day for lunch, do you really know how much you’re spending? Take-out can cost $5-$10 or more, five times a week! That’s at least $100 a month, but probably more. Check out this lunch calculator to get a better idea of how much you can save in a year by making your lunch:

Why not try taking your lunch to work each day instead? You’d save a good chunk of money, and you’d probably be eating a lot healthier. Eating fast food day after day is really not a good idea health-wise either.

Even if you are accustomed to bringing your lunch to work everyday, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to try something new for lunch. First, we’ll take a new look at the obvious: the sandwich. Here are some ideas to spruce up your lunchbox sandwich:

– If regular meat and cheese has gotten boring, try adding something new: olives, cucumbers, sprouts, bell peppers, etc.
– When packing lettuce or tomatoes, put them in separate containers until the sandwich is ready to be eaten. This way you don’t end up with limp lettuce, or a soggy sandwich from the tomatoes.
– Pack a small container with Italian dressing to pour on your sandwich. Yum!
– Make a sandwich out of leftover rolls, buns, pita bread, or biscuits. I make sandwiches out of my garlic-cheese biscuits, and of course pack a few.
– Try making egg, chicken, or tuna salad. Mix salad dressing or mayo with your choice of chopped egg, chicken, or tuna. Add whatever is on hand such as mustard, relish, olives or celery. Season with salt and pepper.
– My husband really likes cucumber or tomato sandwiches. Just mayo, thick slices of high-quality cucumber or tomato, salt, and pepper. This is a really cheap sandwich.

If you don’t already send lunch to school with the kids, you might consider saving some money by making their lunches yourself. If you are not sure you have the time, you can have the kids help assemble their own lunches the night before.

I’d also love to hear any ideas that you have for tasty sandwiches or other lunchbox meals. Keep an eye out for other articles with my lunchbox suggestions—maybe I’ll include one of your ideas!