Luxury Laundry: Built-in Washer and Dryer

built in washer (Photo from Forget built-in refrigerators that hide behind kitchen cabinet doors and seamlessly blend in to the room. We have all seen them. For something truly innovative, why not install built in laundry facilities, namely an integrated washer and a dryer? You can have your laundry in the kitchen, the bathroom, the family room, the walk-in closet (or anywhere) for convenience without compromising space or style.

The integrated washer and dryer are available from ASKO (, known for their dishwashers, as well as “laundry care services.” The washer and or dryer can be fitted with a customer-supplied wood panel, effectively making it disappear from view. It is also available in a trademarked “TouchProof” stainless steel, a white or a black finish.

The exterior of the appliances are smaller than average so they will even stack in a closet or fit under a counter. The washer capacity is said to be that of a standard top-loading washer, capable of accommodating 14 towels or a queen-sized comforter. The 220 volt washer can plug right into the back of the dryer.

These integrated built-in laundry care systems are not cheap. The washer, model number W6903FI is $2,000 and the dryer, model number T793FI is $1,700. According to ASKO, you’ll save $300 a year on electricity, water, bleach and detergent, although the company doesn’t say what it compares that savings to: a old 1950’s washer and dryer or a new top-of-the-line top loading washer.

If you want a custom built-in-look and luxury laundry care, this is it. If you are on a budget, you could consider adapting the look in your laundry room by getting a standard stackable washer and dryer set and hiding them behind cabinet or closet doors. You won’t get the custom look, as much space saving or the integration, but you will adapt the idea.

Do you long for luxury laundry that is built in?

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