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There is no way I could pay to stay in a luxury suite at a four-star hotel (or any hotel for that matter), but it’s nice to dream, right? In my previous blog I detailed the latest and greatest entry into the Brave New World of lodging—billionaire Ty Warner’s luxury pad at the Four Seasons New York. The Beanie Baby tycoon spent a jaw-dropping $50 million to create the 4,300-square-foot suite and is charging guests $30,000 a night to stay in it.

Even if I won the lottery I’m not sure I could afford to stay in a $30,000 a night suite. (I have bills to pay and I already promised my daughter a dog, a cat, and a horse if we fell into serious dough.) However, there are obviously many jet-setting millionaires (nay, billionaires) who don’t think twice about dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a luxury pad in a foreign city. After all, while Warner’s suite at the Four Seasons has earned the title of “most expensive hotel room in the United States” there are other resorts with rooms that come with five-digit price tags.

For instance, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo has a suite listed for $22,000 a night, while the Ritz-Carlton Moscow has a room listed for $19,600 a night. Putting both to shame is the yet-to-be open suite at the Palms casino in Las Vegas. The $40,000-a-night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, a Playboy-themed extravagance, will cost you a whopping $40,000 a night.

So who, exactly, has the means to plunk down $20,000 for a hotel room? The answer may surprise you. According to hotel staff, most of the rich guests are not rock stars or movie stars; rather they are super-wealthy globetrotters (business owners and entrepreneurs) who expect to stay in accommodations that are on par with their own palatial mansions. You know the types. They don’t think twice about shelling out $40 for a hamburger and they certainly don’t wince at dropping a few grand for a hotel room that has the same luxurious furnishings as their own homes.

According to managers at the Four Seasons New York, home to two $15,000-a-night Presidential suites, during the months of September, October, November, and December (the peak season for New York hotels) the lofty suites are booked solid.

So I guess even if I could afford to stay there I would be out of luck. Darn.

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