Mad Moms in Mini-Vans

The title of this article really should be “Mad Moms in Mini-Vans, SUV’s, sports cars, luxury cars and station wagons”. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room, but you can catch my drift.

Today, I did my usual routine of picking up the kids. What usually happens is that I drive to the school, of course paying close attention to all speed and traffic laws, and pull up to an area designated as a pick-up area for the elementary school kids. As I made my approach today however, something completely different happened.

(Long sigh)

I pulled up to the designated area and my son ran and got into the car. As I was getting ready to pull out into traffic, I turned my signal on and sat there. And I sat there. And I sat there. Of course, I am taking deep breaths wondering why no one will let me out, but remaining calm nonetheless. (After all this is my job, so what’s the problem, really?).

Finally, I am able to inch out into traffic, and like the courteous, thoughtful driver I am – I pull out just so slightly but stay to the right, so one of those maniacs coming could get around me if need be. As I was barely moving to try and get into traffic, one of those maniacs comes up behind me in her extra-large SUV and lays on the horn. Okay, let me set the scene. I’m kind over to the right, trying to move into traffic and people are barreling down this residential street with absolutely NO REGARD for the children crossing the road. The only reason this woman laid on her horn was because her car was too big to go around me. I ignore the horn, I ignore her, figure she’s having a bad day and proceed to move into the traffic line, which of course is at a dead stop because there is a stop-sign ahead. Doesn’t matter to the maniac, she is going to pull up as close as she can to me. “Fine”, I thought, she can do what she wants. So, we get to the stop sign, I’m two cars back and the crossing guard is going about her business when this woman actually pulls up to me on the left (she’s blocking incoming traffic no) to roll down her window and scream at me. Among other things, she told me I was rude. She’s doing this as she’s inching closer and closer to the stop-sign and not looking as kids are walking by.

I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at this woman who was either upset that she was set back a whole 4.7 seconds in her day, or that my little mini-van was ahead of her burly manly-man SUV. I don’t know what her problem was, but her reaction was incredible.

Now, the point of telling you all this is this: We’re all at the school for the same reasons, so why be nasty to each other? What’s the big deal if somebody pulls out in front of you? Slow down – it’s not the Kentucky derby out there, folks. Leave a little bit earlier so you’re not racing down the street to drop off your kids. If you have something that’s so important to get to after school, pick them up a little bit early. Use common sense! There’s no need for us parents to fight and show our children that’s how you deal with things.

Maniac lady – if you’re reading this, I’m sorry you were having such a bad day. Next time, know that we’re all in this together, and if you needed a friend, I would have been one. Try to remember everybody – be kind to each other, and be good role models for your kids.