Magazines for Parents of Kids With Special Needs

magazines Have you ever flipped through the parenting magazines while waiting for a doctor’s appointment? Parents of children with special needs often find that the parenting experiences described in those magazines does not match up very well with your life, or with the special needs of your child. Fortunately, there are plenty of parenting magazines that were designed for parents of children who have a specific special need.

Parenting Children With Special Needs is a free magazine that is distributed in the Kansas City area. It is bi-monthly. If you live in that area, you can pick up the magazine from several locations. Otherwise, you can get a subscription sent to your home for just $10.00. This magazine covers a wide variety of special needs, and includes helpful guides, ways to work with the education system, and support for parents.

Parenting Special Needs magazine is an online one. It provides parents of children that have a wide variety of special needs information and inspiration. You can find practical parenting tips, articles about “real life” experiences parenting a child with special needs, and information about how siblings can provide support.

Living Without is a magazine that has tons of recipes designed for adults and children who have food allergies to gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, seafood, and more. Parents can discover some new ideas about things that are safe to feed your child for dinner. There are also articles that discuss the emotional side of dealing with food allergies. This magazine can be viewed online, and you can also have a subscription sent to your home.

Complex Child Magazine is an eMagazine. It provides medical information and personal experiences in language that other parents can understand. This magazine is for parents who have children with complex medical conditions and who are looking for support and helpful information.

Spectrum is a magazine that is for the autism and developmentally disabled community. It has news stories about individuals who are on the autism spectrum, reviews of books, toys, and other media, and more. Some articles discuss the writer’s personal experiences parenting a child who has autism. Other posts are by writers who have autism. The full contents of each magazine can be read online.

Autism Digest is one that lets you read some content online, but I believe you have to subscribe in order to access everything. This magazine provides parents of children who are on the autism spectrum with “real life information for meeting the real life challenges of ASD”. There are proactive solutions, strategies that parents can try, and positive perspectives from other parents.

ADDitude has a ton of information for people who have ADHD, or who are living with a person who has it. You can access much of the content from their website, and it is also available for subscription. There is a section specifically dedicated to helping parents who have children with ADHD. You can find all kinds of tips, advice, and solutions.

Image by Sean Winters on Flickr