Magic Halloween Paint Project for Preschoolers

Halloween is a magic time of year. Here’s an easy painting project that preschoolers and even older children will be enchanted by. It only takes a few minutes and a few supplies.

You’ll need a yellow piece of paper, a yellow crayon, a large paintbrush, and orange watercolor paint.

On the paper, draw in a pumpkin shape with the yellow crayon. No, it won’t really show up very well. That’s actually the idea. You can draw a face on your pumpkin, or just make lines if your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. You can make a scary pumpkin, or a smiling pumpkin. You can even put words on the pumpkin, like the child’s name or Happy Halloween. Let the child paint over the picture with orange watercolor. The paint won’t stick to the parts that have the wax crayon on them, so the picture will magically appear!
Once the picture is dry, you have a custom made Halloween decoration!

You can expand this idea to make cards for grandparents. Or you can send out a blank looking invitation with the instructions to paint it with watercolors. If you look hard you can make sure that you’ve written the right information on the invitation.

This will of course work with other colors of crayons and paint, too. Try white on white, draw a lot of flowers and use all sorts of colors of paint. For Christmas you can do white on white candy canes and paint them red. Children also love to watch their names magically appear under their favorite color of paint. And don’t be surprised when your child wants to make lots and lots of these magic pictures! They really are a lot of fun.

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