Magnet Schools: Another Choice for Your Child

Magnet schools are another choice for schooling for your child. What are magnet schools? A magnet school is a school that provides innovative instructional programs that promote diversity, racial equality, and excellence in academics. It is a public school that caters to students who are interested in certain academic subjects or who are interested in the arts. Students who enroll in a magnet school typically live in the surrounding community where the school is located.

Magnet schools often aren’t schools in which you can enroll your child in by just walking through the door and telling the secretary that this what you wish to do. It isn’t like a typical public school in that regard. Many magnet schools require an entrance exam, some that are quite intense, that a student must pass in order to enroll. Other magnet schools require an application to be filled out and submitted in order to enroll. Often times the application isn’t a sure bet that your child will be accepted. At other magnet schools an application is required in order to have your child’s name be placed in a lottery where his name may be drawn and he may then enroll in that school. Not every child who applies to a magnet school is accepted.

Why would parents send their children to a magnet school? Many parents want a better opportunity than what is offered in the local public school. Many parents see their child as having a skill in a certain subject or in the arts and see a magnet school as a place where their child can concentrate further in this area. Other times parents want their child to attend a school that is racially diverse and has students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and be able to focus on a specific area of learning at the same time.

Whatever the reasons a parent chooses to send their child to a magnet school, it is a personal choice. Magnet schools are not located everywhere and they do not work for all children. Does a magnet school sound like something you may be interested in? Start your search at this site to find names of schools in the United States that may be near you.