Magnetic Paper Dolls

Paper dolls have certainly changed since I was little! The ones you buy now are much studier than the ones we had, the little tabs don’t tear off when you poke them out.

Last Christmas I found magnetic ones for Ivy for and she loves them. They are pretty pricey for one doll and four or five outfits so I thought I would make my own.

This craft is almost as much fun to make as it is to play with. I made mine for girls but when I found the paper doll book at Barnes and Noble they also had really cute ones for boys so you could make these for all the kids in your life.

*paper doll book
*magnetic sheets with adhesive on one side

*Punch out the paper dolls and clothes, they are so much easier than they used to be, the paper is sturdier.
*Cut off all the little white tabs that are used to hold the clothes on the dolls, you won’t need them.
*Arrange dolls and clothes, design side up, on the adhesive side of the magnetic. Be careful with this step, the adhesive is very strong so once its down, it’s down, I learned this the hard way!

*Cut out all dolls and clothes from the magnetic sheet, getting as close to the design as possible, I found that it helps to angle the scissors as you cut.
*After cutting each piece out put it face down on a hard surface and rub to make sure the doll or dress is firmly attached to the magnet at all points.

That’s all there is to it. Once the clothing has adhered to the magnet its not coming off. These can be used on the refrigerator or on a cookie sheet for more portability.

I think I’m going to scour the thrift stores for a metal cookie tin that everything will fit into, storage and a play surface.