Make a Cute Organizer for the Car

Have you seen those canvas nail aprons that carpenters wear? They are very simple waist aprons, with ties on each side and pockets in the front, or clasps that connect at the side. The canvas is perfect for painting and decorating to create a custom look. You can find nail aprons at most hardware stores or you can order them online. You can also find nail aprons or other tool pouches with more detailing and in different fabrics and colors if you don’t care for the typical canvas style.

Your child can decorate the apron with markers, glitter glue, paint pens or he or she can hand paint them. You can help your child add iron-on transfers or appliqués if you like, such as iron-on letters to spell out his or her name. Your child can decorate using his or her favorite colors or themes, or colors that match the interior of your vehicle.

These aprons are inexpensive and they work great as organizers. Simply tie them (or use the clasp, depending on the style you choose) to the back of any single seat and then let your child fill the pockets with items to keep him or her busy on road trips. The pockets are just the right size for boxes of crayons, small pads of paper, markers, small toys, handheld games, or even a juice box or water bottle, and everything will be easily within your child’s reach.

This is a great project for everyday use, to keep things from getting lost or messy in the car, but it is especially handy when you are planning to make a long car trip. Have each child make an organizer before you get ready to leave then take them shopping for special new items that will help keep them entertained throughout the trip.