Make Better Use of Travel Time

With today’s busy world, moms and dads use every part of their day to squeeze in more and more chores. I am one of those myself that is always looking for more ways to save time and get more accomplished.

As I was driving down the road the other day I began to take notice of all of the parents that I saw using their cell phones as they traveled down the road. Many of them were likely taking advantage of the couple of moments that they had to talk. Some were completing business deals on the way to soccer practices and others were probably talking to doctors and such setting up appointments.

I started thinking about how the time could be used differently. Besides the road hazards and safety issues that revolve around talking on the phone while driving, what a waste of parent and child time it is.

Many of the children that I saw were simply sitting in the back seat looking out of the window. Some younger children were being very observant as they passed by while a few older children seemed to be “vegging out”.

What the children were not doing was being engaged. In the car is the perfect time for conversation and even educational mind strengthening games.

In the car, your child has nothing better to do or nowhere else to go. He or she cannot get away from you and you are alone confined to a small space.

In addition to the enrichment that just simple pure conversation gives to your child, traveling in the car is also a perfect opportunity to play rhyming and other language games.

Ask your child to make sentences with words or sing the ABCs backwards. Make up silly songs by changing the first sound of each word to the same letter.

Before long your child will look forward to the car moments with you. They will be times remembered and mind strengthening too!

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