Make Dad King for a Day

One year, my kids literally made their dad (and stepdad) King for a Day on Father’s Day, complete with a crown and a big, gaudy ring.

This is a picture of my husband with my daughter, doing a royal jig while wearing his crown and fur cape that my daughter and step-daughter made for him. It was fun for everybody, because the girls enjoyed making the crown and my husband had a lot of fun ordering everyone around. That’s not his natural persona, so it was all in good humor.

If you’d like to help your kids make daddy a King, here are instructions for a simple crown:

Father’s Day Crown

You will need:

Piece of string

Posterboard or other thin cardboard, about 2 feet by 18 inches

Felt or fun foam


Rhinestones or sequins

Fur trim or other decorative trim

Glitter glue


White Craft Glue


1. With the piece of string, measure around your own head, or someone’s head similar in size to Dad’s.

2. Using the string as a guide for how long the crown base should be, draw a picture of a crown shape on the cardboard and cut out. Don’t make the spikes come down too close to the base, or the crown will be flimsy.

3. Glue felt or fun foam on the crown shape. Staple the ends of the crown together.

4. Glue on trim and rhinestones and add glitter glue.

5. Let dry completely.

A few ideas after presenting him with his crown: Serve him a meal fit for a king (steak is a good choice, or whatever his favorite dinner is). Plant him on the couch, put his feet up and hand him the remote. Do his regular chores for him. Call him “Your royal highness” and bow whenever you see him. You can always tell him to take out the trash tomorrow.