Make Funny Bunnies for Easter

Forget about the return of chirping birds, spring flowers, warmer temperatures and veiled crucifixes, I just saw a telltale sign that Easter is on its way: a commercial for Max and Ruby’s Breakfast with the Bunnies Week on Nick Jr. Because, you know, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a week’s worth of funny bunny episodes.

If you can’t countdown to Easter without bunnies, but you don’t have cable, or you are looking for something a little more productive for your kids to do over spring break, then consider making the following simple crafts. Your children will love seeing how a few household products can be transformed into cute cottontails in no time.



Wooden craft spoons–2 per bunny

White pipe cleaner–1 per bunny

Pink marker, crayon, colored pencil or paint

Gray or black marker, crayon, colored pencil or paint

Googly eyes–2 per bunny

Pink or white yarn

Craft glue

Adhesive backed magnetic strip or pin-back


Use the pink crayon, marker, colored pencil or paint to color the craft spoons.

Place the spoons on top each other and at an angle to make the ear and face shape, then glue them together.

Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Make a loop with each half to form the bunny’s ears, and then glue them to the bunny’s head.

Tie a knot in the center of a piece of yarn and fray the edges. This creates the whiskers and nose. Trim the edges to the size you desire.

Glue the eyes on the lower portion of your bunny and draw a mouth with the black marker, crayon or pencil.

Glue the yarn nose and whiskers in place.

Attach the magnetic strip to the back of the bunny before using.



Baby food jar (washed, dried and free of all labels)—one per bunny

Craft glue or glue dots

Cotton balls or if you want to make this an edible craft, use marshmallows or white jellybeans

Googly eyes

1/2–inch pink or while pompom

1-inch pink or white pompom

A small piece of white yarn

White or pink pipe cleaner—1 per bunny

White or pink paint


Paint the lid of the baby food jar with white or pink paint.

When the paint dries, fill the baby food jar with cotton balls, marshmallows or white jellybeans.

To make the whiskers, tie a knot in the center of the yarn. Then unravel the pieces and trim.

Glue the whiskers to the front of the jar, and then attach the small pompom nose and eyes.

Glue the larger pompom tail to the back of the jar.

Cut the pipe cleaner in half to make two ears. Loop and twist the ends together, and then glue the bunny ears to the back of the lid.

Let glue dry thoroughly before handling.

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