Make It a Memorable Father’s Day


Forget about the striped tie, fishing pole, and Chia Head; rather, give dad something he can cherish for years to come this Father’s Day—-a scrapbook celebrating his life.

When it comes to organizing a memory book honoring dad, the possibilities are endless. If this is your first stab at theme scrapbooking, consider going the traditional route with a basic chronological design. With this technique you simply document your father’s life from birth to present day. Your layouts should include childhood photos taken at birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Also, look for pictures that capture major milestones in his life, such as high school graduation, his wedding day and the day he became a dad for the first time. In regards to mementos, search for old report cards or other schoolwork to display on pages that feature class photos or individual school portraits. Another option is to solicit help from others. For example, if your dad is still close with his buddies from elementary or high school, have them journal some funny stories of from when they were younger. If your father was a sports star in school, don’t forget to add memorabilia marking his accomplishments. Likewise, if your dad was a Boy Scout, leave room to showcase badges or other awards he may have earned.

Another idea to spice up Dad’s Day layouts is to get your kids involved. After all, he wouldn’t be celebrating the day if it were not for their presence in his life. Even the youngest kids can get in on the action by crafting homemade cards that can be made into the focal piece of different layouts. Hand out paper, glitter, stickers, sequins, crayons, markers, and stamps and let your children’s creative side take over. Encourage your young crafters to create a one-of-kind card for dad. They can draw a picture of the entire family or one that features pictures of Daddy engaging in his favorite hobbies.

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