Make Money While You Clean

Is your house immaculately clean? Do you give family and friends unsolicited advice on how to get their marble countertops to shine like a teen’s braces? If so, then you might consider making a profit from your cleaning knowledge.

A recent study shows that the number of house cleaning businesses has nearly tripled in the last five years. The study also shows that most of the new additions to the profession feature staffs of three people or less, which means that if you are good at what you do there’s no need to hire a ton of employees when you are first starting out. Rather, there is a way to generate an income cleaning other people’s homes as long as you are good at what you do and you can accomplish the task efficiently.

Just remember people who outsource cleaning are generally looking for someone who has excellent cleaning skills, solutions and tools to get tough jobs done. In addition, most homeowners want to hire cleaners, who have outstanding time management skills, since in most cases cleaners are paid by the hour.

Professional cleaners can also opt to charge by the size of the house or by individual projects, such as sanitizing a dirty kitchen. Other factors that affect cost include:

Location: Cleaners in major metropolitan areas, tend to charge more for services rendered than those who live in rural areas. In addition, if you live near the beach or on a muddy farm, then expect these factors to drive up the cost of cleaning.

Experience: A house cleaner with years of stellar service under her belt will likely charge more than a college co-ed who is cleaning homes on the side. In addition, a house cleaner, who has a license, is insured and/or is registered with the Better Business Bureau, will likely charge more.

Equipment: If you use high-grade professional tools to clean or you clean exclusively with expensive eco-friendly cleaning products you can typically charge more for your services.

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