Make Reusable Shopping Bags

Are you ready to see just how easy it is to make your own reusable shopping bags (while recycling clothing and other items at the same time)? It only requires a little sewing and it’s nearly all straight lines. If you don’t sew, you may be able to ask someone to teach you how or to stitch up some bags for you.

Reusable Shopping Bags from Linens

Do you still have a few bath towels left from when one of your bathrooms was a different color? Many of us do because towels are just something most people don’t get rid of right away. Fold a towel in half. Sew up the sides. Fold each edge over and sew again to reinforce. Use an old pillowcase for a liner to make the bag sturdier, or turn inside out and use the towel part for the liner. Add a large button on one side. Attach a piece of string or stretch cord to the other side to secure the button so you can close the bag if desired.

Old belts make great handles for shopping bags, especially those made of fabric or canvas.

*Baby blankets and quilts work too and would make cute, sentimental gifts for a child.

Reusable Shopping Bags from old Jeans

Cut the legs off a pair of old jeans. Slit along one side and open up each leg piece. Lay the pieces face to face. The hemmed part should be on top. This will be the rim of the bag. Sew the sides and the bottom. Fold over the edge and sew again (you may need a heavier needle for denim, especially if sewing by machine). Add a lining if desired. Add a button and handle as described above.

*Some other options for making bag handles are using lengths of rope or braiding or crocheting strips of fabric together. Continue to desired length and then attach handles to bags.

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