Make Scrapbooking Easier – Scrapbooking with a Twist

scrapbook albumsDid you know that you don’t need to purchase loads of scrapbook supplies, expensive papers and embellishments and pricey albums with page protectors, just to scrapbook. There is a much simpler way for those that truly wish to simplify their scrapbooking projects, but still wish to be creative and show off their photos.

So how in the world is that supposed to work?

When you are ready to get started you will need a slip-in photo album that looks similar to the one pictured above. Slip-in sleeves can be purchased in white, silver and black. You can also use clear page protectors with various size slip ins for your photographs.

Simply gather together all of the photos you wish to display. Slip them into the sleeves leaving one photo space empty per page. In other words, instead of putting a photograph in that last slot, leave it empty. We have something special planned for that spot.

Once you have the photographs organized and slipped into the sleeves the way you want them, it’s time to complete the project.

You will need to cut down a piece of cardstock or other type of paper to fit the size of the pictures that fit in the album. This will become your fourth photograph. Embellish the piece the way you wish, putting the title and some journaling on it. Think of it as a mini scrapbook page without photographs. It can be a title piece, or simply act as a journaling block. You could also add embellishments and it could become its own embellishment.

The best part of this method is that it is super cost effective, gives a whole new meaning to simple scrapbooking and allows you to quickly display photographs without having to wait to complete the scrapbook pages.

Do you think this method will work for you?

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