Make Time to Attend the Temple

I live outside of Utah, and recently temple attendance in our area has dropped. Our stake has the temple within our boundaries, and so when there is an empty session or one with low attendance we are urged to make time to attend the temple. The temple is a wonderful and sacred place. It is important to make time to go to the temple every month and more often if you can.

My husband and I went once a week when we were first married. We were living in Provo, and finishing up school. We didn’t have any children, and so it was easy to go to the temple every week. It was nice because we went at about the same time every week and we were able to see several other couples who did the same thing. One of the reasons we did this was because we knew we were going to move outside of Utah where temple attendance can be more difficult to achieve.

Since then we haven’t been as regular with attendance. For a few years we lived three hours from the temple. I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to baby-sit my daughter all day so that we could go down and attend the temple. When she was an infant she refused to take a bottle. Later on I was told that it was just too long of a stretch to watch her.

My mom always told me that things seem to happen when you are planning a trip to the temple. Your car might break down or a child gets sick. If this is the case, immediately reschedule. If it is not a true emergency, but something that really can wait, go ahead and go to a session. The key to regular temple attendance is to make an appointment with yourself to go. If you and your spouse can’t attend at the same time, you still can go alone. You will be blessed for the time you spend attending the temple.