Make Up Expiration Dates

This morning when I was getting ready for work I somehow managed to pull my makeup drawer just a little too hard and before I could catch it I had a bathroom floor full of makeup. Just what I need at 5:30 in the morning. As I stood looking at the mess trying to decide if I should put everything away or just kind of sweep it into a pile to deal with later, some stuff that I didn’t even recognize caught my eye.

I consider myself pretty organized and by that I mean I have lots of bins to organize all my stuff. My make up drawer is pretty large so I have four bins in there, two hold moisturizers, cleansers and the like, the other two have make up in them. The ones in the front are the stuff I use every day, the ones in the back are the stuff I use once in a while, which really means never.

I love the Clinque bonuses so six times a year I pick them up. They are full of stuff I love and stuff I might use later. I never use that stuff, it sits in the back bins until I throw it away. This morning I didn’t have time to clean it out so I scooted it all in a pile to deal with after work.

When I started cleaning things up I wondered if this stuff was still good so I Googled it and here is what I found, these things all have an expiration date, so here they are, so you too can have a clean make up drawer!

Concealer- 12 months

Powder- 12 months

Cream and gel cleansers – 12 months

Eye shadow- 2 years

Brushes- should be washed every month

Foundation – 6 months

Lipstick- 12 months

Mascara- 4 months

Nail polish- 12 months

It’s amazing how much stuff was in that drawer, after cleaning it out, I only needed two bins and had room for some of the stuff that’s been sitting on the counter forever! The bathroom already feels cleaner.