Make Your Milk Stay Fresh Longer and Save Money Too

It happens to the best of us. We open up the fridge, reaching for the milk, pop off the top and are hit by that noxious smell! What’s worse, is when you check the “best before” date, it hasn’t even passed yet. This can happen for many reasons, but is not the point of the article. I want to teach you how to keep your milk fresher to ensure it lasts longer, saving you lots of money in the long run.

In order to keep your milk fresher, it has to start at the store. First, pick cartons and gallons of milk up, only from reputable grocery chains and other stores. Also, when browsing the milk, always grab a gallon with the latest “sell by” date. This ensures that it will last a bit longer and that you have the freshest gallon of milk.

Many people find the gallon containers large, bulky and hard to store. They opt for storing their milk in other containers. This is a bad practice. There are reasons the milk comes in the containers that they are purchased in, and for the freshest, longest lasting milk, remaining in the original container is best. In addition, as it goes without saying, milk should always be closed. With a lid or a top of some kind. Always.

Also, be sure to keep your milk on the shelves inside your refrigerator. The doors are too far away from the cooling element and do not allow for a proper continously maintained temperature.

Being the freezer nut I am, I store my extra gallons of milk in the freezer. I do not use whole milk, which is the only milk I know of to be a problem in freezing. We use 2% or lower. Milk can be stored in your freezer for up to three weeks! How’s that for buying in bulk when it’s on sale? Just be sure to purchase only what you will use in that time and thaw only in the refrigerator NOT on the counter or you will wind up wasting it. Also shake the milk up when it is thawed before using or serving.

Hopefully these tips will help you get a longer shelf like on that gallon of milk and keep it fresher for you. Any other ideas?

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