Make Your Own Albums with Bind-It-All

If you are someone who loves to mank small albums for gifts or just for yourself, I think I may have discovered just the product for you while I was at CHA last month. The Bind It All system allows you to create your own chipboard covers and inside album pages.

Here is a quick run down of how this system works and what machines are needed.

This is a system that allows to cut, punch, bind holes, and attach wire binding to albums. You can create an album to be any size you need as long as you have a large enough piece of cardstock for the cover. If you want the album to be long that the wire binding, you just simple add another wire binding next to the first one. You can use wire cutters to clip the wire to customize the size.

The first machine that you need to use to make your album is the DreamKutz machine. This is such a fun paper trimmer. Yes, you could carefully cut the inside pages to a uniform size, but it could take a lot of time. With the DreamKutz machine, you just turn the handle to roll your paper through and it cuts uniform pages. You can set the size of the pages anywhere from 2 X 2 to 12 X 10 inches. This would be especially useful if you are mass-producing albums. This trimmer retails for $89.99.

The second machine is the Bind-It-All machine. You use it to punch the uniform square holes along the edge of the album. You can punch several sheets of cardstock at a time and it cuts through chipboard very easily. It can cut any length of paper because you just keep moving the paper through the cutter while following a guide to keep the holes a uniform distance from each other. This retails for $59.99.

The Bind-It-All Machine also helps to attach the spiral wire binding to the album.

This would be a pricey investment, but if you create a lot of smaller albums, this could be a money saver over time.

You can check out the Bind-It-All website for ordering information.

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