Make Your Own Gifts and Gift Boxes

How gifts are presented can be just as important as what is inside the package. Showing the recipient that you put a lot of thought into the gift, and even the packaging, will show him or her how much you care.

Here are some unique ideas for homemade gift boxes and gifts:

For a friend or family member that is crazy about computers and anything to do with computers, create a cute gift box using old floppy disks. You will need six for a small box and ten for a larger gift box.

For the small box, lay one disk on a protected surface and glue or hot glue a standing floppy disk to each edge. When dry, attach Velcro with an adhesive backing around the edges of the top of the box. Attach the fastener side around the edges of the remaining disk. Trim as necessary to remove overlap, and fasten the lid to the box. Add new stickers to each floppy that contain the recipient’s name or a special message, or buy new floppies and use the stickers that come with them.

For a larger box, lay two disks on a protected surface and glue them together side by side. Do the same with three more pairs of disks. When dry, glue two pairs of disks to the side edges, and glue single disks to both ends. Use the remaining pair for the lid and add Velcro as described above. Continue adding more disks for larger boxes.

You can also use CD cases instead of floppy disks for larger boxes, following the instructions above. Add photos or images inside the cases for a personal touch. For a great gift, make a photo cube from clear CD cases following all but the last step. Instead of Velcro for the top, simply glue it in place. Make sure the CD cases face outward, so they can be opened easily to change out photos occasionally.