Making a House a Home

Whether it is a brand new home or one that has been previously lived in, when you buy or rent a new place, you want to make it feel like your own and put your own stamp on it. You want it to feel like a place you want to be in, where you are comfortable.You want it to feel like home.

This will happen as you start to spread out your own bits and pieces you have chosen or been given that you love. But allow for the fact that tastes change. As we looked back at some of our old photos, it was interesting to see in the background what items had survived over the years and what we had got rid of either intentionally or by dropping it and it broke.

When making a house a home you might choose to go for a certain color scheme. For example a lot of accessories in our home are blue because it is a color Mick and I both like. Just the other day we were out shopping and bought a couple of Christmas presents. While in one of the shops, we saw a blue plate along with a family of three owls, which of course came home to add to my owl collection. Neither was very expensive but we knew they would both suit our home and the style of the decor and accessories.

Our daughter and her husband have recently moved and once their spread their own bits and pieces out, she said the rented house started to feel and look like home. Think about the things you enjoy doing, or anything you like to collect. For some people it is pottery, or glassware, or photos or a certain thing like owls or teapots, or plants or photos or model ships. It doesn’t matter what it is but surround yourselves with those things and turn your house into a home.

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