Making Lists

If you’d really like to be more frugal, but just don’t know where to start, then start by making lists. It is hard to be frugal all of the time. Making lists will help you record money-saving strategies for those times when you need a cheap solution fast. Here are a few of the lists that I keep around my home. Most of them are simply stored as word files on my computer.

A Night Out on the Town

Some of us get stuck into doing the old dinner and a movie date all of the time. This can really end up to be quite expensive! Instead, keep a list of fun and inexpensive date ideas for times when you’d rather not spend much money.


As your frugality grows, you will learn how to give nice gifts that don’t end up costing you a fortune. One good idea to keep costs down is to make gifts yourself. Keep a list of your treasure ideas by category of event such as baby shower, wedding, or gifts for kids.

Cheap Meals

The frugal cook needs a good list of inexpensive dinners to choose from when planning meals. Keep your list somewhere handy, such as in a recipe binder or file. As you come across a new, cheap recipe that your family enjoys add the name of the dish to your list. You may choose to divide your list into categories of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. As you accumulate more and more meals on your list, it will become a valuable resource to you as you plan meals and trips to the grocery store.

Activities with Kids

I have a list where I jot down free or nearly free activities to do with kids. My son is only 18 months old, so we cannot do all of the things on the list yet. Still, when he is a little older I will have a handy resource for coming up with inexpensive and fun ways to teach and entertain him.