Making Money with Fun Halloween Costumes

I am astounded by the amount of money you can make just by sporting a unique Halloween costume. Practically every TV morning show based in New York offers amazing prizes for people willing to parade in front of the cameras wearing a one-of-a-kind costume creation. Even if you don’t live near the “Today” show or “Live with Regis and Kelly” studios, you can still score a nice chunk of change by dressing up in your Halloween best at local venues. For example, in the tiny town I live in, a local bar/lounge/nightclub is offering $1,000 to the person who dons the most unique Halloween costume on Sunday night.

A thousand bucks just for designing a winning getup? If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, then you must be pretty well off.
I’d love to add $1,000 to my bank account, but there’s no way I’m spending my Halloween sauntering around a bar in a costume. If I were 15 years younger, I might consider it. Of course, then I’d be forced to come up with a creative costume. I’m not that imaginative, but I have always wanted to put together the following costumes on Halloween:

TV dinner: Head to a catering shop and buy heavy-duty aluminum foil, then wrap yourself from head to toe. Next, purchase fake pieces of meat and prop plastic vegetables from a costume shop or toy store and glue them on the tin foil base. You can add a fake dessert brownie or apple crisp to round out the look.

Mop: Buy some cheap brown plastic table clothes and wrap your body in them to mimic the mop’s handle. Next, purchase a couple of cheap mops and remove the heads from the handles. Glue the mop heads to a stocking cap and wear it as a wig.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds: Don an old black suit and attach a bunch of fake birds to it. Add a skull cap and a pipe to top off the ensemble.

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