Making Scrapbooking Into a Mystery – a Book Review

As an avid reader, as well as being a freelance writer, I am always on the look out for an author who can capture my attention, and make me want to read every book he or she has written. However, in my quest for good reading, I keep a look out for subjects that I enjoy reading about portrayed in a fictional sense. It’s often hard, and there aren’t many books out that can turn a craft into fiction. However, scrapbookers alike, can now read a whole fictional series of books dedicated to our awesome hobby.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery? While I was searching for a good mystery series, I came across an author whom I had heard of, but never read a book by. I decided to give her a try and was interestingly amused by what I found.

Laura Childs has written the popular best selling series, the Tea Shop Mysteries. She is a regular tea drinker, scrapbooker, and dog lover. Already writing a series of books that takes her love of tea to a whole other level, she is focusing on another hobby. She has now introduced the new series, The Scrapbooking Mysteries.

Keepsake Crimes: A Scrapbooking Mystery Book One

Photo Finished: A Scrapbooking Mystery Book Two

Bound for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery Book Three

Motif for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery Book Four

Not entirely sure what to prepare for with the first book, Keepsake Crimes, I picked it up from the library. Bringing it home, I set it on my nightstand where it sat for over two weeks before I picked it up. When I did pick it up, it was to return it to the library because I hadn’t had time to read it and wasn’t thinking I would anytime terribly soon. But once I handed it back to the librarian, I began thinking about it again. I was so curious about the series, and I love mysteries so it had to be something at least worth a read.

Since I had just given it back to the librarian it had not made it’s way back to the shelf yet, so I went to see if there were any other books. Passing by the recently released fiction on the way, I spotted a large hardback book, titled Death By Design written again, by Laura Childs. What I thought at first was that the book was another in the series, but what I found instead was really cool.

Death By Design is actually an anthology of the first three books in the series. It was like checking out three books, and instead they were compactly included in this one book. It was great, and exactly what I was looking for. So I brought this book home, and did not set it on the nightstand. Instead I began reading it immediately.

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