Making Thanksgiving Memories


For kids, Thanksgiving pales in comparison to holidays in which they get to unwrap more than just some silverware from a cloth napkin. In fact, for some youngsters Turkey Day can be downright boring.

Save for stuffing herself with bird and her favorite pumpkin pie, my 7-year-old sees the holiday as simply the day before she can start using her red Sharpie to countdown to Christmas on the calendar.

Of course, having whiny kids underfoot while trying to prepare a feast for 20 is no picnic for parents either. This is why it pays to be prepared. Keeping children entertained while fostering the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be a chore. Rather, fill the day with fun and laughter by partaking in the following kid-friendly activities:

The Kids Table: Every family has one. It’s the place where the youngest members of the family dine on Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings when space at the dining room table is limited. However, being relegated to the kids table shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment. Instead, make sitting there a fun experience by covering the table with brown craft paper and setting up buckets of crayons and markers at each place setting. Kids can use stencils, draw freehand or simply scribble holiday-themed scenes.

Turkey Trivia: Rather than be pelted with the incessant “When are we eating?” queries, place index cards filled with Thanksgiving trivia in a plastic pumpkin and let the kids quiz family and friends on facts, such as: Did you know turkeys prefer to sleep in trees? Or, how old is the average roaster turkey? Answer: Five to seven months. What is the average age of a fryer turkey? Answer: Just under sixteen weeks.

Pin the Tail Feathers on the Turkey: This game takes its cue from the children’s classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. To make it more seasonal, draw a turkey on a sheet of paper and tape it to the wall. Then, give each child a faux turkey feather (which you can find at craft stores or discount retailers) with a bit of tape on it. Next, blindfold each player, spin him around a few times and see where he sticks his feather. The player closest to the turkey’s tail area is the winner.

What games do you play on Thanksgiving?

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