Making the Most of Your Email Signature

By now, I am sure we are all on board with the fact that email is here to stay and we’ve even played around with how important our email is to our home businesses. BUT, are you making the most of your email to promote and market your business? It might be as easy as making some adjustments and changes to your email signature.

It is quite easy to set your email setting (regardless of whether you are using Outlook or some other email program) to have a set “signature” line at the bottom of every e-mail you send. You can adjust the signature and choose your own font (color, type and size) as well as add tag lines, links, quotes, images and photos, etc. If you are just typing your name at the bottom of each email you send, you are likely NOT utilizing the email capabilities to maximize your self promotion.

You can even use your email signature to do seasonal promotions, offer discounts (“20% all orders placed by July 25th”), or explore other creative marketing ideas. If you have a business logo, make sure to include that in your email signature, and definitely include any links to your web site, published works, or online resources that are compatible with your business. Think of your email like a business card—every time you click “send” you have the potential of getting your home business and your work in front of another person. Regardless of whether it is a family member, friend, colleague or stranger, just having an effective and up-to-date email signature makes it easy and possible to send a consistent marketing message about your home business.

Most email programs are pretty easy to navigate. You should be able to find your way to how to change your signature line using the tool bar across the top of your program. If not, check any literature that may have come with your program—or you can always try “Help” and type in “email signature”—you should get detailed directions on how to establish and edit a signature that will appear on every email you send. Once you’ve done this, make sure to keep it updated so you are not under-utilizing or sending obsolete information.

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