Making Those Big Decisions

While there are definitely a lot of differences between my husband and I, there are also some similarities that can be viewed as good or bad. For instance, we are both very quick to jump into things.

This is why we have learned (the hard way) to never, ever walk into a pet store “just to look.” At this time we have three dogs, one cat, a turtle, a bird, two bearded dragons and some fish. Need I say more?

We have also owned mice and rats. But it’s not just pets that we are quick to jump into. We are also quick to jump into purchases.

Smaller purchases aren’t such a big deal. But we can easily walk into a store, having no intentions on buying a larger item and end up with it.

Sound dangerous? It definitely can be.

So that’s why I am bound and determined to make sure we are both on the same page and thinking clearly before we make the next big decision…the decision to move. We are toying with the idea. So much so that we were ready to go see a house we are interested in.

But the danger in that is we could end up really liking the house, when we don’t even have our own house up for sale. Yes, I can see this happening so I am going to be talking to my husband about how we need to not do that.

In fact, I am putting together a plan that I will present to my husband. It starts off with, “Making the decision, do we really want to move or not?” We can’t let our decision be based on the fact that we think we found the perfect house. Do we REALLY want to move?

Once we can come to a clear decision, then my plan is to sit down and discuss all the things we need to do in order to prepare putting our house up for sale. It is not quite ready to have a “For Sale” sign go up. So there are steps we need to take.

Someone has to be rational and it’s not that my husband isn’t. It’s that we have learned over the years that when we are faced with something big, someone has to be the one to pull in the reins.

How do you handle making big decisions in your marriage?

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