Making Words For Your Scrapbook Layouts

Using words in your scrapbooking layouts is quite the rage right now. It is very in style and can tell a story without actual journaling. From dictionary definitions, to simple words throw around a layout, adding words or phrases can create an eye catching layout that simply makes the pages unique.

Words, entire alphabets or just a portion of them, phrases and quotes can be incorporated into your scrapbook pages using such items as letter stickers, letter or word rub-ons and letter, word or phrase rubber stamps. You can also use your computer and printer to get the same effect and change up the various fonts you use. It really does not matter which method you choose to use. It is sure to look great.

Another way to incorporate words and letters on your pages is to purchase metal embellishments, tags, stickers, vellum sheets and other types of embellishments that have words on them, again using them on your layout to accent the theme.

It is a lot of fun to use stamps, computer/printer or rub ons to create an entire background as well. You can randomly stamp letters all over your background, or create words and randomly place them to create a different type of background. This will work with rub-ons and the computer as well, by just placing the words in the print area.

Phrases and quotes, song lyrics and poetry are another way to incorporate words into your layout. Sometimes a song title can tell an entire story, but you could also include the lyrics or portion of them. They don’t have to be kept together either, you can cut them apart and place them wherever you would like them to go on your layout. Perhaps you might have a perfect title for your layout, and maybe it could tell the entire story just with those handful of words.

I would never recommend cutting out your journaling, because it is an important part of preserving the memories, but words can be fun to play with and get creative with.

What do you do with your words?

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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