Making Your Own Christmas Cards: Decorating and Embellishing

By now you have decided to make your own cards this year for Christmas, and all that’s required is some time, cardstock and whatever you choose to embellish with. Handmade cards are a treasure to those that receive them, and while they wind up costing pretty close to the same as their store bought counterparts, they are a gift in themselves.

making Christmas cardsAnother benefit to creating your own Christmas cards is that you are able to use up scraps to create a beautiful paper craft and still give something special.

Truly, the easiest way to dress up a blank card is to add some patterned paper. Choose a Christmas paper that coordinates with the cardstock you have chosen. Depending on the size of the card you chose, it is best to work with smaller pieces. Look for pieces that can be blocks or strips applied to your cards. (see the photograph for examples).

In addition, hopefully you are just frugal enough to save your scraps of ribbon, stickers, rub-ons, and other things that could be useful in creating your Christmas cards. For the Christmas card below, all I added was a piece of scrap paper, two pieces of scrap ribbon (one I tied in a bow and glued in place) and then I used some leftover rhinestones in the corners.

making Christmas cards

I use stamps for my sentiment and you could use any variety of words or phrases on the outside of the card, from ‘Noel’ to ‘Merry Christmas’. You can also use stickers or rub-ons or if your penmanship is something you enjoy, then go ahead – write the sentiment yourself using a little creative lettering.

I think you’d be pretty surprised what you can do with some leftover pieces of paper, ribbon, stickers, stamps and other items. Obviously the card above could be sent as is, or could be embellished a bit more by possible distressing or inking or simply by adding other embellishments.

However you choose to do it, use your leftovers to create unique cards and give your recipients something special to look forward to this year, and years to come.